Monday, January 4, 2010

Dumb Commercials

One of the dumbest TV commercials in the world has to be the one by Brinks Home Security. It tries to convince the consumer that some evil-doer is just outside your door waiting to smash it in and attack you and your family. In this particular version, a mother and young daughter set the front door alarm. Moments later the door is crashed in by a hoodlum. The alarm goes off as they run upstairs presumably to get to a safe room. On their way down the hallway moving at top speed in a panic, they come to a screeching halt as the telephone rings. It's Brinks Home Security inquiring about what set off the alarm. Of course, it might just as well have been a tele-marketer. Remember, in an emergency, when the lives of you and your child are in danger, always interrupt your escape to answer the telephone.

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